Introducing - Alexys Williams

Alexys Williams presents "Synful Beauty"
Bold, intriguing, so good its almost sinful. Synful Beauty is my interpretation of every woman's inner vixen. The line consist of luxurious glosses and bold lipsticks for those pouty lips, flawless foundations for a look that is clean and seamless and beautiful blushes to bring out a woman's inner glow. I believe that every woman should feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. This sparked my passion for makeup. The looks and colors in Synful Beauty are made to appeal to just about every woman. from the demur and conservative to the bold and provocative. The line is intended to create beauty that's almost a guilty pleasure.....maybe even a little synful.

Ha Candy - Synful, Vixen, flawless, such great choice of words for this brand. Tell us how Synful Beauty came to life
Alexys - the whole idea is centralized around the theme that all women are beautiful. I wanted to create a line that embodied and exuded that beauty. I think that every woman has a little vixen in her. the term vixen meaning a female fox. A fox is smart ,intuitive, and beautiful yet there is a shroud of mystery about her. That is what I want this line to bring.

Ha Candy - Why the name Synful?
Alexys - The word can have a negative connotation. In my vision the word synful and the products in the line are intended to bring out not only a woman's outer beauty but her inner beauty as well. It would almost be like your favorite guilty pleasure such as an indulgent dessert, it's so good it's almost sinful; getting women to recognize inner beauty that is so fierce it's synful.

Ha Candy - Upon discovering your creative passion, which elements did you find missing in the beauty industry?
Alexys - I found "natural" beauty missing from industry, Everything became overdone and and outrageous. I believe that makeup is art and expressing yourself is fine but my personal vision doesn't coincide with today's "trends". I think makeup was created to enhance a woman's natural beauty that's what i would like to bring back to this industry.

Ha Candy - Describe your inner vixen. And give the ladies a few tips how to find their own.
Alexys - My inner vixen is a woman who feels empowered. She walks in a room and has the confidence that all eyes are on her without being cocky, yet remains classy and humble. For the ladies I can say finding your inner vixen is simply finding you, with that comes a confidence no one can take A.K.A your "vixen".

Ha Candy - What was the most difficult hurdle to cross as you were building this business?
Alexys - Definitely marketing and promotion as an independent vendor as well as distribution. there are so many lines out there i have to prove what set's Synful Beauty apart.

Ha Candy - Which of your products are the most popular?
Alexys - The most popular products right now are the lip glosses and lipsticks. I would not consider myself conventional, so I don't put out products that are. The line consist of bold, vibrant moisturizing colors that can appeal to all palates.

Ha Candy - In 5 years where will Synful Beauty be?
Alexys - In 5 Years I see Synful Beauty as a household name among everyday women as well as celebrities. success will not happen overnight , but failure is not an option.

Ha Candy - Is it available now? If not when & where can we get it?
Alexys - yes, some pieces are available now. I sell it at different events. I am a makeup artist so i use it on my clients also. My website is in the works and the entire line will be available in the first quarter of 2015.

Ha Candy - Any Shout outs?
Alexys - To God for my never ending blessings