Introducing - Author Jaquary M.

Author Jaquary M.
From Promiscuous to Monogamous.

Can you turn a promiscuous woman into a housewife ? Author Jaquary M. has written a captivating look inside the lives of some interesting characters we all can relate to in hopes of answering this question. She was kind enough to give us a peek inside her latest book that explores the titillating conundrum of how to turn a promiscuous woman into a housewife.

By: T.Mill  (asktmill@gmailcom)

“Being a Zane fan gave me my love and passion for erotica. There's nothing like writing  dirty things  to get people minds going! “


Ha Candy - Welcome Jaquary how are you?
Jaquary - I’m doing great, thanks for having me.

Ha Candy - Where are you from and how did you get such a cool name?
Jaquary - I was born in St. Louis Missouri, Raised in Syracuse NY, Lived in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Jersey City New Jersey, Now residing in Atlanta GA.
I was actually named after a French Ice Skater back in the late 70's. My mom thought the name was unique and I haven't met anyone else with it yet!

Ha Candy - Tell us about your most fondest memory of growing up.
Jaquary - My most fondest memory growing up? Hmmm that's a hard one, I would have to say my accomplishments in Gymnastics, I was the best in my entire elementary school, so good that my gym teacher would have me perform my routine for the uneven bars to other classes. He was amazed at what I could do and wanted to show everyone.  I guess that would be my fondest memory growing up.

“I once tried to turn a male whore into a house husband”

Ha Candy - What do you most like to write about & why?
Jaquary - I'm a huge horror Sci-Fi fan, so I love writing Horror Sci-Fi, I've been a horror fan since I was a little girl and I've also experienced some super natural things in real life which keeps me curious about the dark side and writing it. My second favorite genre is Erotica! Being a Zane fan gave me my love and passion for erotica. There's nothing like writing  dirty things  to get people minds going! I love seeing people's faces as they create the characters and moments in their mind.

Ha Candy - Are any of your characters personal such as attributes or experiences from yourself?
Jaquary - No not in this book, nothing personal, but I have tried to turn a male whore into a house husband, but my experience is not in this book. I dove deep into my creative realm and gave birth to these characters.

Ha Candy - There's a massive market for books out here, what makes your writing unique?
Jaquary - I think my writing is unique because I combine Erotica and a little Horror in this book. My characters are unique and you can really relate to them.

Ha Candy - Take us through the where, when and how with your latest book.
Jaquary - Actually this book was an assignment from my publisher. He called me one day and said, "Hey I've got a great idea for a title." And that's how it all began, he gave me 100% creative control, and I took it from there.

The book is about five individuals who actually try to turn whores into housewives. Now, the book does not discriminate with the term " whore". There are male whores, female whores, black whores, white whores, all types of whores. The book also offer guides and tips to assisting both the whore and the saver, which makes it unique.

Ha Candy - So far what's been the response from readers?
Jaquary - So far I received a lot of positive feedback on my book, one reader said the book has a lot of star quality and can easily become a movie, its only been out one month and its become very popular.

Ha Candy - Do you believe someone can turn a whore into a housewife?
Jaquary - I would say it depends on the person, if a person is open and ready to grow with another person, then I would say yes. I go over a few things in the guide and tips area of the book to help the person determine if he or she is a good candidate. If so the one should put forth the time and energy. Anything is possible!!!

Ha Candy - So you're also a fan of Horror Films, is there a book in the works?
Jaquary - Yes, there is definitely a horror sci-fi book in the making as we speak, so I'm hoping my Erotica fans will be open to reading it. More erotica is on the way as well.
As far as horror, I'm a huge fan, there's so many. I'd have to say Halloween, Freddy Krueger, Jason. I love horror based on true events like Amityville Horror all the way to independent Horror films like Rob Zombie's, The Devil's Rejects! Insidious was a great new age take on the genre. What can I say love it all!

Ha Candy - Any shoutouts?
Jaquary - Thank you to all my supporters

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