Introducing - Botta Bing

Author Carla "Botta Bing" Dickerson

Carla Dickerson A.K.A. Botta Bing is 22 years old. She was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Writing has always been an outlet for her imagination and freedom of expression, Carla began writing poetry and short stories at the age of 5. While other kids played outside, she found leisure in writing in her personal diary or writing fun stories for her family to read. She was also obsessed with reading. At a young very young age Carla memorized every Dr. Seuss book there ever was. Her reading selections of course matured with age, she was totally intrigued when she learned there were books about African American people. It wasn't that she didn't love all the other books she had read, it was the simple fact that this was something she could really relate to. "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sister Souljah was the first novel of this Genre that grabbed her attention. Although to this day that book is still her favorite, she grew to also love books by Zane, Omar Tyree, and Teri Woods just to name a few. Her passion for these stories and her love for writing, in which she has been truly blessed with talent has convinced her that it has always been meant for her to pursue a career as an author. In 2013 Carla actively pursued her dreams of becoming a published author. 
After just a few short weeks, months of research and numerous offers she decided to sign with Just Wright Publications where she released her debut novel entitled “It’s Not Worth It” on Christmas Day which debuted at #28 on Amazon’s top 100 best sellers list. To date “It’s Not Worth It” has received stellar reviews, none of which are less than five stars. With numerous in stores and tour dates lined up 2014 proves to be a busy year for Botta Bing!

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