Introducing - Onyx Monroe

"Onyx Monroe: A Jill of All Trades"

Running a P.R firm nowadays requires many hats to wear and constantly working to make a name for oneself. Onyx Monroe is on the road to succeeding her goals and the dreams of her clients. Of course this industry can be difficult to navigate when you're attractive & business minded, yet she steers in the right direction.  Of course her MMA training could come in handy for the douche bags & creeps.
 Ha Candy Magazine goes one on one with Onyx Monroe. She’s Doin it...

Ha Candy - Welcome to “She’s Doin it.” You're definitely making a name for yourself and your city. Tell the people what you do.
Onyx Monroe - I do everything lol. I’m a manager, a publicist, a model, a promoter, I do marketing work, I build websites, I do it all jack of all trades and I’m going to master them all.

Ha Candy - What is a PR firm & why choose that career?
Onyx Monroe - A PR firm in my opinion is a company that the practice of creating, promoting, or maintaining goodwill and a favorable image among the public towards an institution, public body, etc.
Why did I choose this career? the career kind of chose me my city is jumping with a lot of great artists but they never get anywhere and I really wanted to help so I really turned it into a job because it stopped  being fun and it went past a hobby now it’s time to make money

Ha Candy - We’re huge fans of MMA & the MMA girls. Imagine our delight when we learned you train in both martial arts & MMA. Tell us about that...
Onyx Monroe - MMA yeah that’s something that I decided to do and my coach Cali is a cool guy, doesn’t take it easy on me because I’m a girl...honestly another reason I wanted to do is because as a female in the industry I wasn’t always able to have my security present I may not be the baddest but I can protect myself till they get there. Lol

Ha Candy - Tell us something interesting about each of your artists & why people should check them out.
Onyx Monroe - .Lady Lace amazing artist and business partner Positive Note Ent. she has Thursdays at cafe 565 here in Huntsville she grinds hard and can sang her tail off and yes I did say sang she has that kind of voice that would make u go join church but seriously powerful like Kelly Price, writes her own music and has a big catalog.
Heaven Lacy voice is like Tamia, I call her song bird. She writes her butt off, makes you reflect and reevaluate yourself and situations that you are going thru. She has ridin music, smooth grooves with soothing melodies, what I like to call grown folks music.
Mr norfside general, first I would like to say salute the troops lol when you have an artist with his type of dedication you just sit back and wait on music to push lol never a shortage
Mr. Lamar Cole is a jack of all trades. He is really into branding his self. he's a model, singer, rapper and actor - www.reverbnation.com/lamarcole11

Ha Candy - You're running 3 companies and an affiliate of two, is there any room for quality time or dating?
Onyx Monroe - Yes it is often people make the excuse of I’m tired or I’m busy, if it’s something you really want you will make the time for it…
Ha Candy - Many women think it’s impossible to be beautiful and successful in fear that they may not be taken seriously. Can you share an experience you’ve overcome and any advice?
Onyx Monroe - I face it all the time, I get the “ hey sexy hey beautiful “ but I look past it and stay about my business. Once they realize that you're serious then they usually have two answers “she thinks she all that” or you get the respect eventually when people start to hear your name it has more good than bad and it will speak for itself

Ha Candy - Contrary to belief, nerds are hot. (unless they’re not). Are you still pursuing biological sciences & chemistry?
Onyx Monroe - Well I have more work to do, I have a mindset of “I will not stop at it till I have my masters” I’m in school at the moment no but I will change that very soon, my classes are really hard at the moment and I have to take them one at a time lol
Ha Candy - Tell us one thing few people know about you.
Onyx Monroe - This is funny but it scares me to death to walk in a room full of people that I don’t know which is weird to me because I model and everything else but I hate being the center of attention when I was taking classes I would get the early so I didn’t have to walk in the room full people smh lol

Ha Candy - Any Shout Outs?
Onyx Monroe - Yeah I got a few first to the man above none of anything I do would be possible without him shouts out to my team and all my fans my family I love u all its 2013 leggo from my city n making moves Lady lace, Lamar Cole, Heaven lacy, Sebastian cane Big Pope, Can’t Stop, Pt primetime, 100% ent, whyt house ent madd lab and many more
Rip la Chris forever fly gone but never forgotten

Ha Candy - Tell us what you like about Ha Candy Magazine.
Onyx Monroe - It’s shedding the light on an otherwise male dominated business, highlighting the women that are professional women, have goals and do everything possible to reach those goals.