Introducing - Lolita Cruz

"Lolita Cruz"
Lolita Cruz (Model, Piercing and tattoo artist, business owner) began learning how to tattoo and pierce at the age of only 17. Since 2008 she’s been the Co-Owner of Magnetizm Tattoos in SC, and received her license for “Permanent Cosmetics” the following year. Ha Candy Magazine, in collaboration with Star Brand talent, recognizes Lolita Cruz, and her hard work...She’s Doin it.

Puerto Rican, Afro-American, Native American
36-22-36. Contact - starbrandtalent@gmail.com

Ha Candy - Welcome to Ha Candy Magazine how are you?
Lolita Cruz -  I am wonderful thank you for asking.

Ha Candy - Growing up down south as a  Biracial child can be difficult. Was it hard for you?
Lolita Cruz -  It was very hard growing up in South Carolina. A lot of ppl weren't educated on other races besides the common black and white mix. So when you said no I'm Puerto Rican people would be like "same difference". I hated school bc I was a major minority.

Ha Candy - You were only around 17 when you began decorating your temple, working on tattoos. Tell us about that...
Lolita Cruz - i've always loves art. An I've always been somewhat of a rebel so when I started visiting my family friends shop in Charlotte I became even more in love with the art of body modification tattoos. They say your body is your temple, and I happen to like mine decorated.

Ha Candy - How hard was dating, growing up with a Military dad?
Lolita Cruz - Omg....my military dad was crazy. No dates were great dates to him. I was a little bit of a Tomboy so I could hang out with guys a little...when I started liking them that's stopped. But my little brother probably started dating the day he could say a female was hot lol
Ha Candy - In South Carolina where do we go to get inked up?
Lolita Cruz - The best place to get inked in South Carolina is Magnetizm Tattoo!! Now maybe i'm biased...but the art on my body speaks for itself!!

Ha Candy - Since 2008 hows your business going?
Lolita Cruz - The tattoo business is amazing. Of course you have your ups and downs but the artist there now are like family an are some of the best I've seen in a long time!! I live Magnetizm!!

Ha Candy - Can a woman or man have "Too Many" tattoos? How many is too much for you?
Lolita Cruz - I don't think anyone can have too many tattoos! I'm almost running out of space and I still want more. I just advise people to have meaning before they get a tattoo bc they think it's cool. You don't want to sit around regretting getting Bart Simpson on your thigh smoking a blunt when you're 40! Lol

Ha Candy - Where's 2 places you'll never get a tattoo?
Lolita Cruz - The only places I don't see myself getting ink is maybe in Oklahoma and Iowa...and the only reason I say that is I don't have a real reason to be in those states...but honestly I'm so loyal to Magnetizm in columbia South Carolina (plug haha) even if I lived in London I would fly there to get tattooed!! Lol
Ha Candy - Any shoutouts?
Lolita Cruz - I would like to shout out the wonderful Duncan Hines who has helped me with my career who hasn't only been a business partner but a friend when I needed to vent! My wonderful family...Magnetizm Tattoo and Body Piercings... And my "Tolen" (it's an inside thing lol)

Ha Candy - Tell us what you like about Ha Candy Magazine...
Lolita Cruz - I like that Ha Candy showcases some of the most beautiful women and gives them the opportunity for exposure and a chance to pursue future endeavors!!

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