Introducing - Lady Live

Welcome to the world of Aixaly a.k.a. Lady Live. This Puerto Rican & Cuban is full of personality, fun energy, and originality. You’ve seen her in videos by Red Cafe, Maino, D da Deala, Vado & more.  Representing Union City, NJ she’s inked in over 100 bad ass tattoos & she’s going for more. So you can bet everywhere she goes its “All eyez on her." No room for squares here, we all the way live with Lady Live. She's doing it...

Brought to you by Hasan
Interview by T.Mill http://www.paradoxeast.com tmill@hacandy.com

Ha Candy - Where are you from? (What's some of your favorite memories growing up?)
Lady Live - New Jersey / Favorite Memories Growing Up- playground with the group of kids of my neighborhood playing manhunt, play fighting, water ballon fights, pranks over pranks, getting chase by cops , having the bond that when you grow up fades away slowly .

Ha Candy - How many tattoos do you have? (When did you get your first one)
Lady Live - Around 100 something lost count after so many . age 13 behind my neck .

Ha Candy - Do your tattoos have meanings behind them, share a few.
Lady Live - All Of My Tattoos Got a Meaning , I Got Them For a Reason. (Right Sleeve is About Death Cause "Nothing Last Forever" Like Everyone has experience, everyone has a loss) / My Neck Diamond and Lighting Bolts Is My Logo / my red and black  Leopard Print on my left arm is meant for my two tone color hair never have one color and one of my favorite animals / gods gift on my stomach is actually when I have a kid in the near future for a photo shoot / my Jessica rabbit with my tattoos on her is my mini me everyone says I remind them of her and also Harley Quinn / out of control on my waist line my mo. Actually gave me that idea she started saying I was "out of control " getting tattoos after tattoo

Ha Candy - Describe your style & personality?
Lady Live - My Style One Of A Kind , Catches a lot of attention. Very colorful, edgy, rebel personality very humble, down to earth, sweet but only too the chosen ones. I give a mean vibe at first to absorb people and see who they really are and then I approach and introduce my self but other than that I'm chill hardworking, fun I'm like a ball of energy.

Ha Candy - Are men/women intimidated by your style & personality?
Lady Live - I Get a Few People Who Get intimidated they have approach me before and had told me. But That's my outlook once they get the chance to talk to me their fine . But yes I have people intimidated by my look which some should & some should not lol.

Ha Candy - What do you find irresistible in a man?
Lady Live - Know the difference between flirting and just ''being friendly,'' Have the ability to tease, be playful and take a joke. Someone Who is Not Controlled and Could Handle The Pain Of Tattoos. Kiss creatively, Have an easy-going attitude, are comfortable leading the whole way in bed. Have a spirit of independence and know What You Want.
Ha Candy - What's your 3 favorite songs or albums of all time & why?
Lady Live - Girls Just Want To Have Fun -By Cyndi Laupher ( I think the song explains why it's just true every girl deal with that issue based on the music video), Juicy - Biggie Smalls - reminds me of my brother point blank
Ha Candy - Do you get crazy reactions or looks to your tattoos?
Lady Live - Yes plenty they look at me like I'm either devils child or crazy.
Ha Candy - Do you have any advice for girls who are afraid to explore their ideas & be themselves rather than try to follow the mainstream?
Lady Live - Ladies be self-confident know that you want it . Don't do it just to do it. Do what makes you happy and makes you never let no one stop you from being who you really are. Ignore negative thoughts they bring you no where. Always be positive and especially around negative people it gets them more mad. So be yourself and remember its you looking into the mirror everyday not them . Be happy

Ha Candy - Terri J asks: “ I want to step my game up & do better videos to get my name out there. How did you get to do so many videos with so many hot artists? “
Lady Live - Honestly I Was Blessed As in My Friends and Friends of Friends are in the Industry of Music & etc so they actually had me on mind to help me out and network and from there I worked myself up. The key is definitely knowing people and networking!

Ha Candy - What piece of candy best describes you and your lover?
Lady Live - Sour Patch First They Sour Than They Sweet Perfect Example of Myself & I'm Single .

Ha Candy - Fill in the blanks... I am the best -
Lady Live - at what I do , being myself / different.
Ha Candy - I love it when a man -
Lady Live - is aggressive to me in a sexy way.
Ha Candy - I wish women would stop -
Lady Live - talking about each other behind people back without confronting and being real.
Ha Candy - I used to -
Lady Live - be a girl in the streets hanging out  but now I - realize I'm way better than that and Proving others you can change and make your dreams come true