Introducing - "Hideko Bartell"

Meet Hideko Bartell. She’s Doin it. From booking superstar acts, managing artists, & an impressive roster such as Dipset, Zulu Nation Worldwide, Icewater, Rock Steady Crew, Leaders of the New School, D Block, Wu Tang Clan and many more. When you’re ready to step your promotion & management up, come see Hideko Bartell, and tell her Ha Candy sent you.

Interview by T.Mill
tmill@hacandy.com http://www.tmillradio.com
Hideko Bartell -
Wonton International - Booking and Management
Director/International Booking Agent/ Model/ Show Host

Ha Candy - Hi Hideko Bartell how are you?

Hideko - I'm good thanks.

Ha Candy - Where are you from & what city are you representing now?

Hideko - I'm from Texas. I'm based in NYC.

Ha Candy - Any funny memories or embarrassing stories ?

Hideko - I have been hustling seriously and I go hard. There's nothing funny happened to me of yet. Mostly pain in the a** but you'll get used to it.

Ha Candy - Tell us about Wonton International

Hideko - Wonton International offers many services includes, booking, management, PR, event coordination and marketing.

Ha Candy - How does one "book" an act? And whats the biggest mistake people make when booking?

Hideko - Patience and carefully reading all contents in the contract is a must. Ask as many questions as possible BEFORE signing, not after.

Ha Candy - You manage artists too?

Hideko - Yes.

Ha Candy - Tell us what you do as a manager

Hideko - Management role do cross over with my booking role but definitely gives me more diverse angle to push the artist I manage( Promotion, Booking, Media appearances, Radio shows, etc )  than for my booking clients.

Ha Candy - Tell us about the artists you manage.

Hideko - I manage underground artists and currently getting 40+ offers from more underground artists, producers and deejays who blesses me with their patience to get back to them after going through received datas one by one and their faith in my abilities to help with their career.

Ha Candy - What other skills and talents do you possess?

Hideko - I write poems and short stories. I'm a terrible dreamer so I write real life experiences and my thoughts and feelings, nothing made up.

Ha Candy - How did you get down with Diplomats, Zulu Nation, D-Block, Wu Tang Clan & other note worthy clients?

Hideko - I grew up with one of a Zulu nation members and I was helping them sell tickets and that's how I started to take that into my side hustle. Later time I got an opportunity to throw an event in Tokyo with Zulu nation Japan's prez back in 2003 or so and that's when I really started to get into this industry seriously.

Ha Candy - At the end of the day, what do you want us to remember about Hideko Bartell-

Hideko - I'm a female in a male dominated industry. It's hard to get your job done without dealing with headaches and unneccessary ego issues, so I go twice as hard on them, I stand strong with my chin up and show that I put my pride into what I do and I do it good. In the end they should always remember me being genuine and hard working.

Ha Candy - What's been the craziest moment of your career so far?

Hideko - Please don't ask about the craziest because when I say crazy, it's really crazy and you can imagine how crazy things can go with major artists and their groupies up in the VIP with some liquor passing around ;-)

Ha Candy - How can other women follow in your footsteps of success?

Hideko - There's no short cuts. If you must show and prove your talents and skills, you must prove them in your work. Keep it moving and always believe in yourself even when the time is so tough.

Ha Candy - After all the hard work, how do you play & spend your free time?

Hideko - Catch up with my friends and family, cooking huge dinner for them and spend some chill time together....if not, then just catch up on a good sleep or fly to FL and hang around the beach.

Ha Candy - When it comes to dating are men intimidated by your position and clientele?

Hideko - Many of them are. I pay no attention to them though because before my career or my title they should be looking at the person I am on the inside anyway.

Ha Candy - Any shout outs?

Hideko - I'd like to seriously show my genuine and honest appreciation to my best friend and business mentor, Easy Mo bee for always be there and give me so much positive advice and motivation to stay in this game. Without his strong words I may not be here today. In his world there's no giving up. I'm following right behind him.

Want to work with Hideko Bartell? You can contact her by the following:

Skype: Hideko.a.k.a.wonton
Twitter: wonton3000