Introducing - "Kendra Allure"

At Ha Candy, there's only one thing we like besides Beautiful women, fun sexy women, women who like women, women who drive hot cars, successful women & women who cook good food, that would be women who love sports. So T. Mill got 1 on 1 with Kendra Allure 6'1" 34-31-45 . On & off the court, she got game! Holla at us Spike lol!

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Ha Candy - Welcome Kendra Allure, what city are you representing?
Kendra Allure - Tulsa, Oklahoma by way of Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Ha Candy - You played basketball through college, what position?
Kendra Allure - I played the forward and center positions. Being in the paint all the time has its great memories. Like playing against Sylvia Fowles or the Paris Twins, I just remember looking up at that them and then feeling what other people felt when they looked up at me; Damn, you are tall!

Ha Candy - Do short guys have any luck scoring a date with you?
Kendra Allure - They do. I don't discriminate on height; you just have to make up for that in other areas. :) The guys I like to date just have to draw me to them with something other than just looks; humor, brains, personality. I mean I do prefer a man taller than me...its only right.

Ha Candy - How long have you been a Miami Heat Fan?
Kendra Allure - I've been a Miami Heat fan since 2005. They are playing way better this year, they look like a team now instead of just some top scorers on one team like they did last year. I was hurt. Smh

Ha Candy - Who's dunk was better Lebron's or Blake Griffin ?
Kendra Allure - Hands down....BLAKE GRIFFIN! The man is a monster on the court. No, I can't dunk; I probably could have before my knee got messed up.

Ha Candy - How often do you play basketball now? You still got skillz?
Kendra Allure - Every chance I can. Its hard though because my knee still acts up. Yea, I still have skills; it's natural so that will never go away.

Ha Candy - On the court what songs or music gets you in the zone?
Kendra Allure - Anything hype. If it has my head bobbing then it can get me in the zone.

Ha Candy - Who's the best player of ALL TIME NBA / WNBA ?
Kendra Allure - NBA: Michael Jordan
WNBA: That's a toss up. Cynthia Cooper was great but then Lisa Leslie was too. But Diana Taurasi has been selling that name to me.

Ha Candy - Do you think Pro Athletes are Role Models?
Kendra Allure - Yes, I do think they are. Some to most athletes used sports as their outlet or "way out", so it just shows to those who look up to athletes that there are different ways of expression and doing something you love can take you places you have never been.

Ha Candy - Can you cook? What's your most favorite dish while watching a good game?
Kendra Allure - Yes, I can cook. My favorite dish/food during a game would be BBQ. I mean everything like ribs, chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, all that. Lol

Ha Candy - What's next for you? Any upcoming events? How can others contact you for work?
Kendra Allure - More shoots and hopefully more work from agencies and publications. You can email gmi.bookings@gmail.com for work like photoshoots, parties, hosting, all that.

Ha Candy - Thanks for tossing it up with us, see you on the court!
...only to get schooled.
Kendra Allure - We Shall See lol.