Introducing - Anastasia & Liz

Want to know what goes through the minds of two opinionated NYU students? Well you'll find out with the L.C Experience's new web series "A L of a Good Time." You'll be amazed how much craziness comes from 2 girls in front of their web cam lol! A L of a Good Time stars Anastasia Williams & Liz Brody. These girls are the real deal. We recently had a chance to sit down with the two lovely young ladies & I can definitely tell you they're destined for great things. They're smart, focused, funny & very driven. You guys better board the A&L train while you can because they're taking off, & believe me they're going far!

Ha Candy - So what made you guys initially decide to hit the net with a video blog?

A&L – We were just fooling around on a weekend and decided to make a Youtube clip. We love to speak, especially if its to an audience! What better audience than America? We love Youtube!
Ha Candy - What can the viewers expect from watching it?

A&L – Viewers can expect two opinionated girls with very charming personalities. We click very well together, and love to speak out minds.

Ha Candy - How did you hook up with the L.C Experience?
A&L – We were approached in the midst of putting out Youtube shows. We were just having fun, but the L.C Experience saw the potential that we have and decided to approach us.
Ha Candy - If you could have your own talk show would you be more like Wendy Williams, Oprah or Tyra Banks?
Anastasia – I would be a mix of all three! I actually aspire to one day have a talk show like those three lovely ladies. If you know me personally, then you know that I have a very crazy side of me, and a more serious side in order to have a nice balance! But if I really had to choose I would pick Tyra because I feel like she is the perfect combination of the seriousness that comes with a show like Oprah’s, and the wildness that comes with a show like Wendy’s.
Liz – Tyra Banks. Of the three women, I feel like she incorporates more than just celebrity interviews and commentary.  Tyra covers fashion, fitness, real life issues, and of course all the fun celebrity interviews and gossip.  Plus, Tyra is FIERCE.
Ha Candy - Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Anastasia – Hopefully on the pages of People Magazine, Us Weekly, and Essence. And on websites like Perez Hilton and Bossip. I would like to be a renowned public figure!
Liz – In the public eye—I love having my photo taken, and love when people talk about me.  I have a lot of different talents, ranging from make-up artistry to video personality, and I have faith that such talents will propel me into the limelight.
Ha Candy - I hear you guy's name circulating through out the web, how does that make you feel?

 Anastasia – it makes me feel great! I feel like I was put on this earth to entertain people and make them smile, so when I hear that people want to know more about me I feel like I’m on the right path.
Liz – I LOVE IT! I would rather people talk about me, (good or bad) than for people to not know my name.  I’m a very public person, so I love that my name is circulating on the Internet.
Ha Candy - So I see you guys are NYU students, what's your major?
Anastasia - Journalism! I need to double major though, so I might also major in Spanish.
Liz – I intend on majoring in something that has to do with writing.  I’m a really creative person, so test taking and numbers don’t resonate too well with me.
Ha Candy - It's good to see young women your age so focused & doing it. Do you have any advice for the young ladies out there chasing their dreams?
Anastasia –Yes. If you have an aspiration, don’t let anything get in your way. It’s so cliché and said again and again, but I’ve known for a very long time that I’ve wanted to be in front of a camera. I found a way to make it happen, and hopefully I get to where I want to be in life. Taking those first few steps is always the hardest, but once they’re done, you feel so good about yourself.  And BE CONFIDENT! I used to be very self conscious and insecure, but I’ve learned to embrace my flaws.
Liz – Don’t sacrifice your passion for someone else’s satisfaction.  Focusing on goals that matter to you are much easier to attain than goals that matter to other people like parents, peers, or bosses.  Always remember what is most important to YOU, and you will accomplish what YOU aspire to.
Ha Candy - If time permits, how do you relax or have a good time?
Anastasia - I love to throw on a tutu and go out dancing on weekends with Liz! We enjoy going to Brooklyn a lot. I also work out everyday for two hours, so that is my “me” time. It helps me unwind and de-stress. And I think every girl likes to shop!
Liz – I love to go to the gym; I keep my lifestyle incredibly healthy by eating a clean diet and going to the gym 6-7 days a week.  Running, dancing, doing yoga, and walking around Manhattan with 
Anastasia are some of my favorite activities.  Obviously I love to get down on the weekends too!
Ha Candy - Whats the funniest thing thats ever happened to you so far?
Anastasia —I AM funny. I am a joke.  I feel like I’m always doing funny things, it’s hard to pinpoint one event.
Liz - A lot of funny things have happened to me, but one of the funniest was a few months ago.  I’m usually pretty graceful, since I’m a dancer.  However, the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art were a match for my inherent grace. I was leaving the museum after being there against my will to complete an assignment for school, and I decided to dial my mom as I went outside.  I rolled my ankle walking down the grand steps, and tumbled about 10 full steps to the bottom.  When I got to the sidewalk, I was still on the phone, my mom didn’t answer, and I had a hole in the knee of my new skinny jeans and I was already walking with a limp towards the subway.  At least 50 people saw it happen.
Ha Candy - Ashley Judd recently said most hip hop is a "Rape Culture", with men depicting women disrespectfully. Do you agree with her?
Anastasia - I was shocked to read Ashley Judd’s comments. I disagree with her, and found her comments very extreme and disrespectful. I do believe that some hip hop may degrade woman and use very derogatory terms towards them, but to associate it with rape is very severe. Sex is highly referenced in a lot of hip hop, but there is a huge difference between the idea of having sex with many women and rape. She needs to check herself before she wrecks herself! BLAOW!
Liz – I don’t agree with her.  Hip-hop is a multi-faceted culture, and while there is a presence of violence and degradation of women in some rap lyrics, I think it’s too extreme to define Hip-hop as a “rape culture.”  I’m a strong girl, and I listen to mostly Hip-hop music; I rarely find anything offensive, so Ashley Judd can sit down!
Ha Candy -  Any chance of a pillow fight between you girls, you know how web/reality shows go! lol
Anastasia - LOL! You never know with us…
Liz – Well, we’re definitely both funny and spontaneous…but a pillow fight doesn’t really seem like our style.  Can’t mess up the mug or the hair!
Ha Candy - In 2012 are you going to vote & why?
Anastasia – Yes! I am definitely going to vote. It will be my first time and I’m very excited. I’m a big believe in utilizing the privileges we are given as a country, and voting is a huge one. Voting is an opportunity that I will not take for granted.
Liz – Most likely.  I firmly believe that everyone who is eligible should take advantage of his or her opportunity to vote, but my knowledge in the field of politics leads me to believe my vote has minimal impact on election outcome.  Ultimately, it depends who the presidential candidates turn out to be. As of right now, I’m with Trump!
Ha Candy - President Obama, any thoughts on his current presidency and the state of our nation?
Anastasia – I have always been a big supporter of Obama, and still continue to be. I’m well aware his popularity has declined since he was elected into office, but to be honest, that is completely normal with any President. Although I am a bit worried about the U.S’s economy and the large budget deficits that plague our country, I do have faith in Obama and still believe that he was elected into office for a reason. I know that discourse over federal debt also continues to widen the gap between Democrats and Republicans, but I think Obama has a point when he says that the media is playing it up too much. I think they can all work together and move towards a solution.
Liz – I’ve always favored more conservative policies, and therefore a lot of Obama’s platforms don’t sit very well with me.  However, I firmly support Obama’s attempts at social reforms and equality of Americans regardless of race or sexual orientation.  With that said, I feel that the President should be more vested in the prosperity of his country than his own personal luxuries.  While I’m not the most well-versed in current politics or Obama’s track record, I personally feel like I see too much of the President and his family in the tabloids, and not enough about his policies or impact on America in the media.
Ha Candy - Last but not least , any shout outs?
Anastasia – Yes! Damon, LCX, our lovely fans, Ha Candy, Liz and our friends! We love you guys, thank you for your continued support!
Liz – Damon, The LCX family, Ha Candy, Our first YouTube fans, and Anastasia!

You can catch "A-L of a Good Time" starting May 18th at - ALTV.THELCX.COM